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Bowdoin Bound Participant’s Name ________________________

Bowdoin Bound, Inc., is a Maryland non profit organization run andoperated by committed professionals who volunteer their time and personal resources to expose students to higher education at an early age. To bring this goal into fruition, Bowdoin Bound must engage in extensive fundraising to raise money to cover all the program’s expenses so that a student’s participation in all activities including the week experience in Maine is at no cost to the parent/guardian. Notwithstanding each volunteer’s personal and professional demands, these individuals spend a substantial amount of time planning quarterly activities. Staff members work continuously to forge relationships with other organizations for the benefit of Bowdoin Bound students. Therefore, in exchange for the commitment Bowdoin Bound personnel have made to both the student and parent/guardian, the same is required of each student and family.

I, __________________________________ (Bowdoin Bound student) and I, _____________________ (parent/guardian of a Bowdoin Bound Student) understand that admission into the Bowdoin Bound is by invitation only. While the student’s initial application during his/her tenure at Brehms Lane Elementary School may yield an invitation to participate in Bowdoin Bound sponsored activities, it does not guarantee the student’s continued participation in the program. I understand that the student’s failure to maintain the highest academic standing that initially qualified the student for the program will result in the student’s dismissal from Bowdoin Bound. Moreover, I understand that disciplinary issues at the student’s school may also result in the student’s dismissal from the program. Each quarter, Bowdoin Bound personnel will review the student’s academic progress. Additionally, each January, the student must submit two reference letters from the student’s educators to confirm adherence to the academic and discipline requirements

I also understand that this program goes beyond the summer experience at Bowdoin College. At the start of each academic year, Bowdoin Bound personnel will provide the students and parent/guardians with dates for the scheduled quarterly activities. I understand that I must attend and participate in two of the four quarterly activities or provide Dan Spears with a written explanation for being unable to meet the requirement. A student and parent/guardian’s failure to comply with this requirement will result in dismissal from the program.

Furthermore, I understand that participation in Bowdoin Bound requires the student and the parent/guardian to do the following:

The Bowdoin Bound student must read the summer reading selection in its entirety before the student arrives at Bowdoin College for the start of the summer program. As the parent/guardian, I understand that it’s my responsibility to ensure that the student has read the book. The effect of the parent/guardian bringing the student to the airport means that the parent/guardian ensures that the student has completed the book in its entirety.

In the event, the student does not receive a copy of the book a month before we leave for the College, the student must take the initiative and contact Dan Spears at (410) 527-1076 to secure a
copy of the text.

After the parent/guardian completes the requisite permission slip and other forms for the student to participate in the summer program andthese materials are received by Bowdoin Bound personnel, theparent/guardian understands that Bowdoin Bound, Inc., will purchase a plane ticket for the student. If the organization purchases the plane ticket and the student does not travel to participate in the summer experience at Bowdoin College, for whatever reason, the parent/guardian must reimburse Bowdoin Bound, Inc., the full cost of the plane ticket. No exceptions will be made.

In the event, that Bowdoin Bound personnel decides to send the student home early from the summer experience in Maine for behavioral/attitude problems, parent/guardian will reimburse Bowdoin Bound, Inc., the cost for changing the student’s ticket as well as the roundtrip airfare for the Bowdoin Bound personnel who must Bowdoin Bound Commitment Form accompanying the student back to Baltimore and then return to Maine to complete his/her chaperone duties.

Likewise, if a parent/guardian elects to have a student come home early from the program, the parent must travel to Maine to pick up the student and absorb the cost for changing the student’s ticket.

In the event the parent/guardian cannot provide the student with transportation to a scheduled quarterly activity, the parent/guardian may call Dan Spears at (410) 527-1076 to arrange for the student’s transportation to the outing.

Upon receipt of any invitation or other communication advising of a quarterly event or meeting, the parent/guardian or student must comply with the RSVP request.

Failure to attend and participate in two of the four quarterly activities Bowdoin Bound sponsors without a written explanation will result in the student’s dismissal from the program.

Consistent with Bowdoin Bound’s mission to expose students to higher education an early age, Bowdoin Bound will now require that at the end of each grading period, beginning with the 2006-07 school year, the student must submit a copy of his/her report card. A copy of the report card signed by the parent/guardian to acknowledge that the reviewed the report with the student should be sent to the following address:

Bowdoin Bound, Inc.
c/o Daniel B. Spears
14640 Falls Road
Cockeysville, Maryland 21030

Beginning in January of 2007, each student must submit two letters of recommendation from two of his/her educators. Bowdoin Bound will provide a recommendation form for the student to give to the educator to complete.

Bowdoin Bound has a working relationship with The BEST Foundation, whose goal is to give young people like Bowdoin Bound students the opportunity to attend one of the Baltimore private schools. Because Bowdoin Bound believes the Baltimore private schools afford the students an extraordinary opportunity and furthers Bowdoin Bound’s goal of exposing students to higher education, students and parent/guardian should take advantage of The Best Foundation’s services.

Similarly, Bowdoin Bound’s relationship with The Exeter Summer Programs exposes the students to a five week summer program that is consistent with Bowdoin Bound’s goals. Consequently, Bowdoin Bound encourages the students and parent/guardian to likewise take advantage of this program.

By singing this Commitment Form,  ____________________________ (Bowdoin Bound student’s name) and, I,____________________________ (parent/guardian of Bowdoin Bound student) have read, reviewed and understand what is required of me. The effect of my signature means that I am making a commitment to the program.

If at anytime I decided to revoke my commitment, I will immediately notify Dan. Spears at (410) 527-1076 to advise him of my decision to withdraw from the program. In the event, I decide to abandon the commitment I have made, I understand that Bowdoin Bound will dismiss me from the program.

Bowdoin Bound Student

Parent/Guardian of Bowdoin Bound Student


Daniel B. Spears,
Bowdoin Bound, Inc.


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